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Vomiting is a common presentation in infants and young children. Children may present with vomiting due to a gut disorder but there are other causes which may need to be considered.

If a child is unwell with vomiting, it is important that he/she is seen urgently by the GP or by doctor in Accident and Emergency department to rule out serious illnesses.

Children who are generally otherwise well but who vomit regularly need an assessment to determine the cause and may occasionally need further investigations such as blood tests,  and endoscopy.

There are many gut conditions such as reflux, gastritis, esophagitis that can cause vomiting. It is also important during the assessment that causes other than the gut conditions are ruled out.

There may occasionally be no identifiable cause for vomiting and it could be related to psychosocial  reasons which may sometimes be difficult to understand.

However in most cases the symptoms do improve over a period of time and all that is needed is watchful waiting approach ensuring that the growth and general enjoyment of life is not compromised.

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